Kathryn Munn

P. (519) 660-1242
F. (519) 660-1618


Kathryn Munn

LL.B., Cert. ConRes., C. Med., C. Arb., IMI Certified Mediator


Business, Community, Contract, Debt, Eldercare, Employment, Estates, Health Care, Human Resources, Labour Relations, Lawsuits, Training, Workplace

About Kathryn Munn

  • Experienced mediator with a law practice background
  • Mediation approach is facilitative and interest-based
  • Training and facilitation services, in addition to or separately from, mediation services
  • Roster Mediator, Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program – Toronto / Ottawa / Windsor
  • Mediator under contract for the Farm Debt Mediation Service, Agriculture Canada; for Public Works Canada; and for insurance ombudservices
  • Customized training in mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution
  • A thorough, creative and persistent professional who varies her approach to fit each situation

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Business, Community, Condominium, Contract, Eldercare, Employment, Environmental, Estates, Human Resources, Labour Relations, Landlord – Tenant, Lawsuits, Organizational


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